Team HMC Supports Rooms of Hope

Our friend and business partner Keven R. Hempel is on a mission to provide seriously ill children with room makeovers, transforming their personal space into a dream room of their own. Keven will be running 100 Miles to raise money for Rooms of Hope, as well as accepting donations through the ROH website, located here: Any possible support is welcomed and appreciated.

We had the pleasure of asking Keven a few questions related to his event and his drive behind it.

Q: So Keven, how did you learn about and/or first get involved with Rooms of Hope?

A: Last year a great friend of mine asked me to be part of her event; a gathering to raise money for the organization so that they can help children with potential life-threatening illnesses and give them some hope. For the event, the idea was to grow beards and since I don't grow a beard very well, my wife said that I could shave my mohawk since the little boy that was battling for his life was a warrior, and I could be a warrior with him. Hence the Mohawk was born. I am also better known as 'Blue Hawk'. (amongst friends)

Q: How did the 100 mile run idea come about? Have you always been a long distance runner?

A: Some people would say I've always been a runner and an athlete, however, I definitely don't consider myself that. Sometimes I simply feel like an ordinary man. Earlier this year, the idea while I was running 50 miles was if I felt good enough, I would just continue to run the full hundred miles (Livermore -> San Francisco -> Livermore)

At the time I had the legs to run 100 miles, but didn't want to because 100 miles seemed boring. So I stopped and had my wife pick me up in S.F. but knew that somewhere this year I wanted to run 100.

Q: When you're not preparing for a 100 mile run, what are you doing?

A: First and foremost I'm a husband, a father, and a writer. I am also a business owner, a speaker, and an operations consultant. Along with all those things, I work full-time for B Taylor Painting and Freestone Reconstruction as the director of business development. I take a very unconventional way of growing companies by working with leadership; allowing them to grow and build deeper relationships with themselves and then turning that around and helping them build deep relationships with their clients. I believe that to service the client properly, or anybody else properly for that matter, you must be happy with yourself.

Q: What's the most difficult thing you've ever accomplished and why does it stand out?

A: Working through what I consider to be PTSR (Post Traumatic Stress Response). There were things that happened in my life when I was younger that I never really dealt with; I simply buried them. Then, in 2017, my younger daughter Malia had an AVM, which caused her to have emergency brain surgery. Though she is alive and doing much better, it has taken several years for our family to move through this experience. "Accomplished" is a funny word because I really don't feel that that is something we ever do. I believe we just get ourselves aware of situations, characteristics, and personalities and then figure out key components to strategize and move through them. ABL = Always Be Learning, and keep a beginner's mindset.

Q: What's one thing you would like people to know about you?

A: I've been loved greater than I ever thought I could be loved which allowed me to love greater than I ever thought I could. It all started with a step and the choice I made a litter over 365 days ago. Some call it the red pill blue pill choice...I like to say I chose door number two, and as soon as I did, a whole new world opened up.

You can follow Keven on his epic run here!