Legislative Update SB 323 - HOA Elections

In 2018, the Community Association Institute's California Legislative Action Committee (CAI-CLAC) fought hard to win the Governor's veto on a bill that would have threatened homeowners' privacy and would have made other fundamental changes to the way associations conduct their elections. On February 15, Senator Wieckowski (D - Fremont) re-introduced the bill vetoed by Governor Brown in September 2018. Senate Bill 323 is once again making its way through the legislature. 

SB 323 is meant to increase homeowners' participation in association elections. Instead, it will deter owners from voting by requiring them to sacrifice their privacy, and it will deter them from running for the Board by imposing a deadline to run which is months before the election. Join CAI, the California Association of Community Managers (CACM), and HMC in voicing opposition for this bill and let's work hard to defeat it through the same grass roots efforts that were successful in 2018. Contact your representative or other key legislators and urge them to defeat SB 323. Your voice matters!

SB 434 - Transition of Association Records

SB 434 (Archuleta), jointly sponsored by CAI-CLAC and CACM will provide protection for community associations when changing management companies. The bill will require managers to turn over association records within thirty days after they are notified that the association will be changing management companies.


Unfortunately, it is all too common for a management company to hold an association's records hostage and refuse to release them to the new management company until they receive payment from the association for transition work done at the end of the contract or some other disputed charges. The bill also makes clear that the records must be provided even if there is a dispute over the termination or over management fees.

We recognize that the records maintained by a managing agent belong to the association and should be turned over promptly to new management. SB 434 demonstrates our support of reasonable regulations to protect and promote healthy and vibrant community associations.

What Does it Take for an Idea to Become Law?

Have you ever wondered what it takes for an idea to become a law? It's not a short or easy process, by any means.

Well you can search the web for the old Schoolhouse Rock cartoon from our childhood - you know the one if you're old enough - or you can check out the incredible graphic illustration here!