This blog post is a little different from what you’ll usually find on our website, but I hope it’s of value nonetheless.

In my current attempt to get better at scheduling time on the calendar for things like reading, critical thinking and collaboration, I’ve been rewarded with a few small, but impactful moments of clarity and enlightenment.

Sometimes ideas and concepts are familiar to us, and yet we haven’t truly realized the full meaning behind them, or maybe we simply needed to be reminded about how the concept or idea could be applied to whatever it is we’re currently going through.

The following quote is just a quick, positive “share” of something that resonated with me, which I felt may help bring some new level of clarity or understanding to someone else’s day as well; one of my team members, clients, family members, friends or acquaintances. If you find it meaningful, helpful or even just thought provoking, I hope you will share it with someone as well.

Jason Brown, President

Homeowners Management Company, LLC

The following text is from Keith J. Cunningham’s The Road Less Stupid

"Pleasure is a result of stimulating our senses. Happiness, on the other hand, is only available through gratitude. It is gratitude that forces you to focus on the present and not the regrets of the past and the fears of the future. In the present, all is well.

Success is the result of getting more of what you want and rarely creates either happiness or fulfillment. Fulfillment is only available by giving what you’ve got.

The hero’s journey can certainly include pleasure and great success. But the true triumph of happiness and fulfillment is found through gratitude and contribution.

…At the end of my life, I will only ask three questions:

  1. Is the world a better place because of me?

  2. Who loved me and who did I love?

  3. Was my life congruent with my beliefs? (Which is the ultimate definition of integrity.)"